Know Your Digital Marketing – 2016 So Far

We’re back after some much needed time working with clients to help them kickoff and make plans for the new year. We’ve been working hard helping to make sure our clients start off the year strong. During that time we’ve been collecting articles we’ve found interesting and think you will to.

Planning a new website launch or updating your current website? Here’s a list of web design trends to keep an eye on. Will you embrace the scroll?

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Happy Holidays from Know

It’s that time of year. The company Holiday Party has probably come and gone. You’re head is busy with plans to see family and friends. Everything at work slows down a bit (although you’ve still got plenty on your project lists).

While you use the time to catch up, here are some great posts that we believe you’ll find interesting and helpful as you plan for next year.
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Know Your Digital Marketing – What are You Working On?

It’s almost mid-December. Are you ready for 2016? It will be here shortly and we recommend you hit the ground running. Be sure you have your plan in place for the first quarter, at least. Here are this week’s references to help you with your planning.

To start, be sure you focus on the right things next year. Here’s a short video homage to Stephen Covey’s rock presentation. We recommend watching to help remind you, as you plan for next year, to set a few priorities and work on them first, not last. Thanks to the Art of Manliness for the video.

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Know Your Digital Marketing – The Thanksgiving Edition

It’s a short week and we’ve been working feverishly with our clients. However, we want to be sure to share our favorite links for this week. When you’re not sharing time with your friends and family or watching football, here is some reading we think you’ll enjoy.

As we approach the new year, it’s a good time to revisit the fundamentals. I believe Vince Lombardi started every spring training with, “Gentlemen, this is a football.” He stressed the fundamentals. Along that line, here are 10 Marketing Truths to keep in mind as you plan for the new year.

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Know Your Digital Marketing – Rekindle Your Love for Super Mario Bros

It’s a been a rough week following the latest events in the news. We hope this list will help get your mind focused on something else. We think you’ll find the posts interesting and thought provoking.

We’ll ease you into it though. Did you know that artificial intelligence researchers love Super Mario Bros? Maybe not as much as we did when we were kids but they do love it. It’s not what you think. It’s actually for the same reasons we all used to play the game. (Header image courtesy of

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